An umbrella is a device that is designed to protect you from rain, snow, or sunlight. The product consists of a rod, dome and spokes. Mechanical, automatic and semi-automatic design, various technical parameters are possible.

Types of mechanisms:

mechanical-closes and opens manually, there are no buttons on the handle;
semi-automatic-opens manually, closes by pressing the button (it only collapses the dome, and the rod is folded manually);
automatic-the dome is opened and closed automatically (by pressing the button).
Mechanical folding umbrella is characterized by a simplified system. To open the product, press the button and pull it up. At the same time, hold on to the mount that connects the spokes at the top of the dome. A soft click indicates that the umbrella is fixed.

To assemble the structure, press the button again and pull the mount down. This process takes some time, because you have to make an effort.

The semi-automatic umbrella has a simplified operation. A special button is provided on the handle, when pressed, the rod is pushed all the way out. The dome opens manually.
To close the umbrella, pull the attachment down to the hook. Opening takes less time.

Automatic umbrella involves opening the product with two clicks on the button. The first press extends the rod, the second-opens the dome. Closing is performed using the same algorithm, but in reverse order.

It is possible to equip the device with a spring that protects the dome spokes from turning in the wind. Blocking technology is used to prevent accidental opening.

Nylon is an affordable material. Prone to wear, mechanical damage, and color loss. It is possible to stain things lying nearby with a wet umbrella.

Polyester-not subject to fading, drying takes a little time. It is characterized by insufficient strength and wear resistance.
Eponge is a material that combines polyester and cotton. Used in expensive models. It feels like thick cotton. Water drops roll down from the dome. 5 minutes after closing the umbrella, the material dries completely.
Satin is a water-repellent material. Complete drying occurs in 5 minutes. Resistant to mechanical damage.

Umbrellas are divided into two types:

extra-large dome canes combined with a strong one-piece handle;
folding (telescopic) – devices are folded 2-5 times, equipped with a mechanical, automatic, semi-automatic design.
By purpose, accessories are divided into three types:

Men's umbrellas. The enlarged dome can shelter at least two people from the rain. Products are made in dark colors, it is possible to use laconic ornaments and patterns (geometric).
Women's umbrellas. They are equipped with light frames made of durable materials. The dome is narrower than a men's accessory. Dominated by bright colors and original prints.
Children's umbrellas are made with a lightweight design. They are distinguished by colorful domes with colorful illustrations and cartoon characters.